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Our Customer Assistance Program (CAP) offers several benefits to those who are eligible, including a reduced monthly bill and debt forgiveness. We’ll also waive any security deposit requirements.  The goal of our CAP is to help low-income households that are payment troubled establish an ongoing, affordable payment plan.

Program Benefits

  • Reduced monthly payments based on ability to pay.
  • Debt forgiveness if terms of the CAP agreement are met.
  • Information about reducing your electric use.
  • Local office access to CAP experts.
  • Referrals to other community resources.

Eligibility for CAP

CAP is available to Duquesne Light customers who are adults (18 years of age or older) and living in the household. The applicant’s household income must be less than 150% of federal income poverty guideline.


No. In Household Monthly Income Yearly Income
1 $1,561 $18,735
2 $2,114 $25,365
3 $2,666 $31,995
4 $3,219 $38,625
5 $3,771
6 $4,324 $51,885
Each additional $553 $6,630

*Note: The amounts listed above are the maximum gross income amounts (before taxes) allowed for each income size.

How to Apply for CAP

Print and complete the application and then contact the CAP agency  nearest you. The CAP representative will arrange to meet with you to discuss the program, and will provide you with a list of documents and other information you will need to send to DLC, along with your completed application, such as:

  • Income information for all household members.
  • Names and birth dates of all household members.
  • Household expenses, such as rent, utility bills, food and insurance payments.

Please note that the receipt of a LIHEAP grant would indicate you are eligible for CAP. However, you still will be required to provide your income information when applying for CAP.

Upon approval, your CAP plan remains in effect for two years. To remain in CAP after this time, you must contact your CAP agency for information on how to extend your enrollment.

Your Monthly CAP Payment

Your CAP payment each month will be calculated as a percentage of your budgeted bill amount. The percentage is determined by your income and household size. Your CAP bill must be paid monthly for you to remain eligible for the program benefits, including any debt that is being forgiven. Debt forgiveness is provided after your full monthly payment is made, and is 1/24 of the total debt. You will be responsible for any remaining debt not forgiven if you fail to make your monthly payments.

Tips to be a Successful CAP Customer
  • Pay your monthly bill on time.
  • Apply for energy assistance grants from LIHEAP, when available.
  • Conserve electricity.
  • Take advantage of weatherization measures you qualify for.
  • Notify your CAP Case Manager or DLC's Universal Services Center of any change in income, residence or number of household members, or if you are experiencing any hardships.

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