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Order of Guardianship 

A guardianship order is a court order that allows a person deemed by the court to take action or make decisions on behalf of another person. If you need to request service in the name of a person or perform any actions on a person's account in which you have been granted guardian status, you must provide, via mail or fax, a copy of the "Order of Guardianship" from the Orphan's Court. You must be authorized to establish service on behalf of another person. 

The Order is to be mailed to:
Duquesne Light Company Customer Service Department 6-1
411 Seventh Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

You also can fax the Order of Guardianship to: 412-393-6042 

Power of Attorney

If you need to request service or take an action on another person’s account in which you were granted authorization through a Power of Attorney, please send an executed and notarized Power of Attorney to the address below: 

Duquesne Light Company 
Customer Service Department 6-1 
411 Seventh Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15219 

You also can fax the Power of Attorney to 412-393-6042. 

The Estate Of

If you need to request an account be changed to the name of "The Estate of," you will need to mail or fax a copy of the Decree of Probate indicating you have the authority to place the account in the name of the personal representative. Only Decrees of Probate will be honored for estate-related changes in the account name. 

Mail Decree to: Duquesne Light Company Customer Service Department 6-1 
411 Seventh Avenue 
Pittsburgh, PA 15219 

You also can fax the Decree to 412-393-6042. 

Third Party Guarantees

If you did not meet credit standards and were required to pay a security deposit, DLC will waive the security deposit if you can provide an acceptable third party guarantor. The guarantor must agree in writing to pay for all unpaid electric services if you do not pay your bill. To qualify, the third party guarantor must download and complete the third party guarantor agreement. As part of this agreement, the third party guarantor must agree to have DLC pull their credit history from 

Transunion Consumer Solutions; 
P.O. Box 2000, Chester, PA 19022-2000; 
Telephone Number: 800-916-8800. 

The credit history and report will be used to determine whether DLC will accept this guaranty. The third party guarantor's credit information will not be shared with the applicant or any other party. If the third party guarantor's credit does not meet DLC credit requirements, the applicant will be notified only that this guaranty was not accepted. 

Please mail completed and notarized forms to: 
Duquesne Light Company Customer Service Department 6-1 
411 Seventh Avenue 
Pittsburgh, PA 15219 

The third-party guaranty is valid for the life of the account. The guarantor can have the guaranty revoked by providing us with a request to do so in writing. The account holder will be billed for a deposit immediately if their account history warrants. 


If a living trust, trust for children or revocable trust has been set up for an existing DLC customer and you would like to be added to the account as the "Trustee," you will need to call DLC at 412-393-7100. You also will need to provide your mailing address so that the bill is no longer sent to the customer’s service address but rather to your address. 

Protection From Abuse

PFA (Protection from Abuse) Notice

A Protection from Abuse (PFA) is an order from a court that protects you and anyone living in your household from an abuser. If anyone living in your household currently has a valid PFA, Duquesne Light cannot shut off your electric service during the winter months (December 1 – March 31) without permission of the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC), and you will receive additional notice prior to termination. In order for Duquesne Light to ensure you receive these additional protections, please send the PFA or PA Court Order to the following address:

Duquesne Light Company
Customer Service Department 6-1
411 7th Ave Ste 3
Pittsburgh, PA 15219-1942 

Additional Resources

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